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It’s time for a MASSIVE CHANGE.


CHIEF SUPPLEMENT CO. leads the way in delivering clean, transparent fitness nutrition supplements. Our mission is to provide results-focused products without the confusion and noise of other brands. We achieve this by eliminating proprietary blends, ineffective ingredients, useless doses, and marketing gimmicks. Each ingredient in every product is pure and proven—leading to the most efficient products and driving the most effective results.


We manufacture premium-grade fitness supplements, so we don’t stick to a single formula. We are always on the lookout for what’s better and how it can help you become better. On the other hand, our sports and fitness nutrition expertise also gives us an edge in our product development. With our strong knowledge in sports, fitness and nutrition, and our proficiently careful formula development, we are confident that our products are the best for everyone.


Each product we have in store underwent rigorous research, formulation, and tests. This way, we can achieve the best outcome possible and offer it to the public. Our products result from hard work and dedication to our passion for fitness, so it not only provides energy, muscle gain, and endurance, but it’s also safe to use.




For lack of a better word, it all came out of FRUSTRATION. We were frustrated that, although there are millions of fitness supplements out in the market today, only a handful are effective and safe. This we know; we did our research. As the industry becomes more congested each day, it gets harder to stand out. We get it. If you’re reading this, you probably are frustrated, too.


Another issue we had is that most fitness supplements are the same. These products have the same message – gain muscle, lose weight, and become healthier like no other supplements can. But when you check out their label, all the ingredients are the same! You may notice that the only different thing is the price range, but affordability doesn’t always mean effectiveness. This fact is true, especially when we talk about fitness and nutrition.


Our body needs all the best stuff it can take in. You are what you eat. Your body may get the energy it needs from eating a bag of chips or a slice of pizza. But at the end of the day, it will do you no good in the long run.


The same scenario goes with fitness and nutrition supplements. Men don’t live by bread alone, meaning we need supplements that we can’t get from food. And when you get cheaper supplements, it’s like ordering takeout.


All these frustrations steamed us to create a line of products that will provide the best and safest results to use, and come with pocket-friendly prices. In short, a line of products that will provide what’s best. Products that will outshine others. From all of that CHIEF SUPPLEMENT CO. was born!



At CHIEF SUPPLEMENT CO., the nutrition label is not for marketing – it’s for making a difference. Placing nutrition facts on a bottle doesn’t work nowadays. That’s why we make sure that you know how much nutrition your body needs. This is why we make our products as organic as possible by taking away unnecessary ingredients that don’t really contribute to your health. We also research the safest yet effective doses and incorporate these into our products. This way, your body absorbs the supplements much faster for better gains and recovery.


CHIEF SUPPLEMENT CO. is not just a brand… it’s a process. Unlike all other supplement providers who outsource their process and never touch their product — CHIEF SUPPLEMENT CO. owns the manufacturing process from beginning to end. We don’t just put a label on a product. We put results into the process.



There’s a chief inside in every one of us.


Chiefs are the leader of the pack who knows their influence and is aware of its power. A good leader knows how to use their influence to make people pay attention.


Chiefs are always in control. They know they are not easily distracted, and they are capable of keeping their stuff together.


Lastly, chiefs have unfazed determination. They can have a hundred goals at hand, but their determination to accomplish everything is always their top priority.


But all chiefs need to have the most excellent health to attain all these. They need the proper nutrition to keep their body, health, and mental focus in tip-top shape. That’s why we came with CHIEF SUPPLEMENTS CO. because we know our fitness and nutrition supplements can bring the inner chief out of you.

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We Got You.

Chief Supplements is going to change the supplement industry. I believe that the better the supplement brands are, the better the industry will be as a whole. I love the stacks they are providing and the flavors are amazing! I am very picky with flavors & Chief Sup CO. does NOT Disappoint.
Its a Chiefs world out here! 🤙
Lacey Rodriguez
Top of the line product. I am on my 2nd order of Pre-Workout + and I love it so far. It tastes amazing! The company its self has been super great to work with. I was able to get a discount code for friends and family after only the second order. Thank you Chief Supplement Co.
David Sorensen